Dear colleagues,

As the president and scientific secretary of the conference, I am pleased and honor to welcome you to the 18th congress of Radiographic sciences.

At this congress there has been an attempt to educate and improve relative techniques and various test approaches to imaging  in order to develop the knowledge and capabilities of colleagues.

Moreover, having considered the rapid pace of growth and evolutions in the field of medical imaging  and the need for acquaintance with modality, technique and new applications,the latest guidelines to recent radiography worldwide will be introduced .

Therefore, the Congress has gathered a team of the best medical imaging physicists and applicator specialists along with the country’s top-notch radiography experts to represent talks and judging the presented articles.

The congress mainly deals with Musculoskeletal, vascular and Interventional Radiology, Cardiothoracic, women and obstetric  imaging,  and Artificial intelligence in Radiology, with particular focus on establishment and innovative performance in Medical imaging for to achieve the best diagnosis.


Mohamad Akbarnejad

President & Scientific Secretary