After a long period of the covid-19 pandemic and worldwide restrictions, I am glad to see you again in ICR37.

It’s my honor to welcome you, dear speakers and participants, to this congress, either in conference halls, or through the world with the assistance of web based programs.

Rapid advancements of radiology sciences in recent decades, lead us to more vigorous effort and practice to maintain our knowledge and gain new information. Here, the 37th  Iranian congress of radiology is a good opportunity for these purposes. The last advances in abdominal imaging, breast imaging, artificial intelligence and interventional radiology are reviewed with more detail. Other fields in radiology also have valuable lectures and workshops during the congress.

I should announce my gratitude to dear Dr. Radmard, the president of the congress and also to the scientific and executive committees, the wise lecturers in every field and everyone involved in the execution of this congress.